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Smart airport supports your smooth travel [3:43]

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NEC Airport Solutions

NEC is a leading ICT company,supporting an entire airport from air traffic control, or the Air Side, to airport service facilities, or the Land Side.

Our proven track record stretches to over 50 countries and regions, and we are trusted by airport operators from around the world.

For the Air Side, we provide an Air Traffic Control System to support pilots and traffic controllers to make flights safe

For the Land Side,we offer ePassport, which uses biometric technology such as fingerprint and face recognition to increase screening accuracy and speed up processing;
Pandemic Response Solutions,which quickly detect people suspected of having a fever;
Flight Information Display System, a comprehensive system for the display of flight-related information; And Network Solutions, which supports a variety of systems for airport operations.

With World global passenger numbers expected to double by 2030, increase in passenger processing speed, and innovative passenger services are in demand.

So NEC is up to this challenge. We are actually contributing substantially to this landscape with our unique and leading technologies.
Our solutions make the journey through an airport safe and comfortable.
With crowd behavior analysis, NEC hopes to create a safer and a more secure operation and environment. In so doing, we are actually providing more situation awareness by having the data show us incidences, or detection of these incidences before they took place.
NEC provides the world-leading biometric technology and we hope to implement that in the process of automation in managing passenger flows. So we apply that to the e-Gate and e-Boarding processes. That will save a lot of time and at the same time increase the assurance of the accuracy of passenger manifest.
With the facial recognition technology, we are adding intelligence to the digital signage capabilities, in extracting information about the users. And these data will go into helping to provide added services proactively to these customers. You know we have information about the age and gender, for example and then we can provide preferences.
Through NEC's airport solutions, we hope to benefit all of society for future generations.

Orchestrating a brighter world


Photo: Smart airport supports your smooth travel

NEC provides products and solutions covering all aspects of airport operations from air traffic control to airport service facilities. Our proven track record in the aviation market streches to over 50 countries and regions.

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(December 19, 2014)