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NEC's 120-year History – Our Achievements, Milestones, And Future Purpose [2:59]

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Over 120 years ago, one man set out to connect the world through communication.

His name was Kunihiko Iwadare, and in 1899 he founded NEC.

He was the first Japanese to work and study under Thomas Edison.

NEC was established as the first foreign-affiliated company in Japan.

Thus, the history of NEC began.

Throughout its history, NEC bravely took on product research and development that was deemed impossible.

In 1928, NEC set a milestone by transmitting clear photographs of the Imperial Accession Ceremony by using the first domestically-produced phototelegraphic equipment.
This proved the excellence of NEC's technology.

NEC received the telecommunication industry's first Deming Prize for being the first Japanese company to establish a quality control division.

With a strong passion towards "enriching people's lives," NEC pushed forward to develop cutting-edge technologies across a wide range of fields,

including telecommunications, computing, semiconductor, and even space technology.

With NEC's technologies changing all areas of society, it proposed "C&C" at Intelcom in 1977.

"Before long, there will be a time when computers and communication will be integrated together so that we will be able to talk to anybody while looking at their face, no matter how far away they are."

That revolutionary vision helped shape the lifestyle of the next generation.

NEC worked to complete the "Earth Simulator," with 1,000 times the capacity of supercomputers at the time.

A few years later,

PASOLINK, NEC's series of microwave radios, achieved top share in the global market.

In 2013, NEC announced its focus on creating "Solutions for Society" and, in 2014, presented a new brand message, "Orchestrating a Brighter World.

Till this day, NEC's technologies are being deployed throughout society, through co-creation efforts with customers and partners.

The Asteroid Explorer "Hayabusa" probe which NEC cooperated in developing succeeded in bringing asteroid samples back to Earth for the first time in the world.

Today, NEC's technological strength is being invested into building social infrastructure all over the world, This includes the world's best fingerprint and face recognition technologies.

And as the first company to successfully develop solid-state quantum bits, NEC is continuing R&D for practical applications of quantum computing.

Since its founding in 1899, NEC has embodied constant effort and diligent research.

NEC creates the social values of safety, security, fairness and efficiency to promote a more sustainable world where everyone has the chance to reach their full potential.

Orchestrating a brighter world


Over our 120-year history, NEC has established itself as a technological pioneer across a myriad of fields.
Learn about how NEC has digitally transformed itself and global societies since 1899, and the bold future we are trying to create.

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