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NEC's AI Technologies and Networking strengthen [3:44]

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"NEC's AI Technologies and Networking strengthen."

Well-being is more than just wealth, health or happiness it is all of these things and more.
Communities, cities and Societies that promote well-being, are robust and built for resilience.

"A Well-being Society"

In a Well-being society, people can live safely, with agile systems and infrastructure in place to deliver services such as security and medical care.

It is a society where Digital Transformation is accelerated by the application of AI based optimization and adaptive process automation in industry, business and government.

AI and Networks are the key to NEC's vision of a "Well-being society."
NEC believes in this society, multitudes of networks and all machines will be tightly connected on a global scale.

The benefits of this, is that networks will connect everything so that AI can play an even bigger role.

Well-being in the Real world

Practical applications will be necessary for achieving the goals of "Well-being". This means building more robust, flexible and agile infrastructure.

For example, hyper connected autonomous vehicles will revolutionise transport through cities. Scheduling and planning will be optimised in real-time by layering congestion and weather data onto as digital twins of cities.

The Well-being society Vision includes increased efficiency of the supply side. Just in time production and delivery means that the supply of raw materials, such as in food supply can also be adjusted according to real-time changes in temperature or rainfall. This can be done in combination with automated harvesting and optimised delivery by using AI optimization.

Radar from satellite and AI can be used to visualize urban infrastructure, diagnose deterioration, and if necessary, replace or repair aging infratructure to ensure a city's safety.

Supply chains with AI based autonomous vehicles and real-time scheduling will optimise routes and loads, making the movement of goods and resources more efficient and responsive to demand changes.

Other social targets such as detecting, analysing and reducing CO2 emissions across the entire supply chain will be achieved in a wider, even global, scale.

NEC can offer both AI and network technologies which is a very unique capability.
NEC is proficient in different types of AI technologies, including face and image recognition and Network orchestration. Also, we have our own Large Language Model solution.

NEC is also involved in research and development of network technologies such as virtualization and inter-satellite communication based on optical technologies.

NEC can seamlessly connect the world and help build a "Well-being society".

Looking towards the "Well-being society" of 2030, NEC is uniquely and steadily implementing AI and Network technologies for society.

An innovative future powered by AI and network technology.
This will enrich the whole of society in which we live.
Let's draw the future, together with NEC.

Orchestrating a brighter world


Looking towards the "Well-being society" of 2030, NEC is uniquely and steadily implementing AI and Network technologies for society. Discover how NEC is capable of leading these domains , as Mr.Nishihara, CTO of NEC picthes his thought and introduces NEC's vision for the future with innovative technologies such as Generative AI, Network orchestration and virtualization.

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(February 21, 2024)