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NEC's HPC: Powering Germany's National Weather Service [3:00]

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Mr. Klaus-Juergen Schreiber, Deutscher Wetterdienst Department President:
"Deutscher Wetterdienst" is the German National Meteorological agency and we are responsible for the weather forecast, for the weather warnings of high impact weather, which has the potential to damage to life and properties, and also for a lot of climatological service.
In central Europe, we are facing some impacts of the climate change, the warming of the atmosphere.
We have more and more locals with severe rain rapidly developing thunderstorms, which can cause damage. On a local scale, it's important to have a good and reliable forecast just in time for the people.

Dr. Henning Weber, Deutscher Wetterdienst Leading Governmental Director:
NEC is a very important partner for DWD, for many, many years.
Since 2007, NEC has delivered all the data handling equipment we need at the German Met Service.
During this time, NEC has won twice our procurements for the HPC System, using their vector technologies.
We are looking for a partner who can deliver not only the highest possible performance, but also a high-quality service for all the equipment we've got and that's one of the main reasons why we selected NEC.
Another reason is that we look for a high efficiency computing environment, with low energy consumption.
And the NEC vector technology gives us these high levels of efficiency we need for the weather prediction system.
I expect that NEC continues to deliver technology platforms for customers like the National Met Services, who need really reliable systems to do their jobs.

Mr. Kazunori Sudo, NEC Corporate Senior Vice President:
NEC's SX-Aurora TSUBASA has a truly unique architecture and is offered exclusively by NEC in the world.
The main feature of this vector supercomputer is the high execution performance of scientific calculation.
This is made possible by the highly efficient data transfer capability between vector processor and memory, and vector processor is particularly suitable for computational fluid analysis in meteorological and climate simulation.
As digitalization accelerates, demand for the use of supercomputers in solving complex and large-scale social issues is growing and expanding.
We are very honored to have received their trust through the superiority, ease of use, and support of our vector supercomputer in meteorological and climate fields.
NEC would like to continue to provide the best solutions to DWD and our valued customers and contribute to make the world a better place together.

Orchestrating a brighter world


Discover how NEC's vector supercomputer is revolutionizing meteorological and climate simulation analysis for DWD, Germany's national meteorological agency. With its unique architecture and highly efficient data transfer capabilities, the vector supercomputer provides the high performance and reliability needed for predicting and warning about high-impact weather events.

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(May 10, 2023)