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I'll do it ! (30sec.ver) #SavoringEveryday [00:30]

Movie script

There must be a place with people whose dreams are like mine
(♪ Onnaji yohni Yume egaiteiru, Otona mo Irutokoroniwa Irumonda)

Maybe somewherein the world is a job that is a perfect fit for me
 (♪ Moshikashite Sekaino Dokokani, Watashino Dekobokoga Hamarubasyo Arumokamone)

#Savoring Everyday

Orchestrating a brighter world


This is a NEC's branding Anime video for students, Generation Z, and young generation.

We are doing a branding campaign #SavoringEveryday now.
You can see the details from social media below. *Only available in Japanese
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Overview and full version of the video is below. *Only available in Japanese
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Director : Masahito Kobayashi
Music:Chiaki Mayumura
Illustration:Aya Ogawara

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(November 7, 2023)