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World Class Technology for a World Class Venue [02:43]

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World Class Technology for a World Class Venue

Sydney Coliseum Theatre is located at West HQ, the landmark Entertainment, Dining and Leisure destination, in Western Sydney

The Sydney Coliseum Theatre is now one of Sydney's landmark destinations. The challenge was to build a theatre for Western Sydney of a similar size to the Sydney Opera House. Inspiring audiences in Western Sydney.

Richard Errington
West HQ and Sydney Coliseum Theatre:

The Sydney Coliseum is representative that we now are one of Sydney's landmark destination so as a landmark destination iconic something similar that would be representative of the Opera house.
One of our greatest challenges with the Theatre was indeed having access to 2,000 people in a very quick period of time and that is where NEC came to the fore.
The facial recognition, the entrance system that NEC has provided as a solution, when you think six months ago, we actually designed that foyer for technology that didn't exist, but we trusted in NEC and we knew they deliver and well, they have.

Craig McMaster
Executive Director
Sydney Coliseum Theatre:

The NEC LED screen that we put on the floor is the first of its kind in Australia in that configuration and it has become a huge feature point for our patron arrival.
We rebuilt the entire network all through West HQ. At every touch point in this project, NEC have been involved in technological overlay in some form.

Richard Errington:
NEC were amazing, and they could see tomorrow. The thing I loved about NEC was that you could throw them a question and then they would say "we solved it". It's about creating technology or having solutions for customers for tomorrow. Now that is amazing, because we are building a destination for the future, not for yesterday but for the future. And that's what we're all about it and NEC just, God love them, they just fit, and their vision was similar.

Craig McMaster:
To deliver Sydney's next great Theatre and so that was a pretty high bar for us technology that powers a whole backstage operation. What we wanted to do was make sure that everything we were doing here was the best available contemporary tech.

Richard Errington:
NEC are such a great partner of it because is not about the technology of today it is about tomorrow. So our next phase within this destination is to continue to expand, we've got a second hotel coming. We need to continue to build infrastructure. We are building a destination for the future.

Orchestrating a brighter world


Sydney Coliseum Theatre, located at WestHQ is the landmark complex in western Sydney, was opened in 2019. NEC Australia has provided venue solutions including facial recognition, display and network infrastructure based on an ICT and Digital Partnership with West HQ. The partnership will be strengthened for further digital transformation of the venue.

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(May 8, 2020)