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World's first successful demonstration of distributed MIMO that continues wireless connections in the 28 GHz band by eliminating shielding issues [02:59]

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World's first successful demonstration of distributed MIMO that continues wireless connections in the 28 GHz band by eliminating shielding issues
-Enables high-capacity communication even in severely shielded environments such as shopping malls and factories-

The future of communications will require high-speed, large-capacity, real-time data transmission, such as in the metaverse, which emulates the five senses, and in fully autonomous vehicles.

5G and 6G will enable these future services.
6G, like 5G, uses millimeter waves and even higher frequency bands, enabling it to send more information at any given time compared to conventional telecommunications.

However, millimeter waves are difficult to go around obstructions and are easily blocked.

The following is a demonstration NEC has conducted with NTT and NTT DOCOMO to solve the challenges encountered with millimeter waves.

In conventional systems, transmissions may be temporarily interrupted when radio waves transmitting from distributed antennas to mobile terminals are blocked by pillars or other obstacles.

Our latest technology incorporates AI into base stations to instantly estimates the location of mobile terminals in motion and predict their movement.
AI automatically switches the transmitting antenna in use to a different distributed antenna before the signal is interrupted by an obstacle.
This demonstration will examine whether the system can operate stably without signal interruptions.

A demonstration using this method.
By predicting the terminal's movement and transmitting signals from Antenna B in addition to Antenna A, shortly before a pillar appeared between the mobile terminal and Antenna A, AI ensured that the signal remained uninterrupted.

Compared to the conventional technology,
the received power of the proposed technology showed an improvement of 8dB on average.

Wireless signal processing and communication processing have always been our strengths.
I believe our advantage lies in our ability to further develop these strengths by combining them with AI, which is becoming ever more vital.

We hope to bring together each company's assets and continue to conduct various demonstrations at an even faster pace, leading to the practical implementation of 6G.

By combining Analog RoF and wireless sensing technology, NEC's AI for antenna switching, and DOCOMO's system-wide technology utilizing its 4G and 5G expertise, we believe that high-frequency distributed MIMO will develop into a promising system in the future.

The three companies will continue developing their technologies to realize 6G from 2025 onward.

Orchestrating a brighter world


NTT Corporation , NTT DOCOMO, INC. and NEC conducted a demonstration experiment of a technology characterized as distributed MIMO in the 28 GHz band. This technology, for the first time in the world*2, grasps environmental information such as the wireless propagation conditions within an area and the location of mobile terminals and dynamically switches the distributed antennas of base stations according to the environment.

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(January 31, 2023)