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NEC Space Systems -Seize the Future Together- [1:39]

Movie script

1970:Japan's 1st satellite "OHSUMI"was made by NEC

1977: Japan's 1st meteorological satellite "HIMAWARI"

1978: "YURI"

2007: Japan's 1st Large Lunar Explorer "KAGUYA"

We do not just go to space
We go to space for a reason

(engineers testing a satellite)

Earth Observation
Engineering Test
Space and Astronomical Science

NEC has produced more than 80 satellites

(control room celebrating mission success)

The common purpose of all satellites is...

2017: "SHIKISAI"

2019: "HAYABUSA2" -touch down-

to support our daily lives

NEC manufactures and operates satellites
to help us reach our full potential

NEC Satellite Operation Center
Satellite Integration Center: Satellite Assembly Integration and Testing
NEC Space Technologies: Space component manufacturing

First international contract for the "LOTUSat-1" Earth observation satellite

Quasi-Zenith PNT Satellite System "MICHIBIKI"

Inter-satellite optical communications

Liquid immersion cooling system for spacecraft

Space becomes a common part of our daily lives

From a distant dream to everyday infrastructure

Proud to have supported Japan's space industry for 65 years

Seize the Future Together

Orchestrating a brighter world


NEC began challenging the frontiers of space with Japan's 1st satellite.
NEC has produced more than 80 satellites.
Space becomes a common part of our daily lives.
We are proud to have supported Japan's space industry for 65 years.
Seize the Future Together

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(September 7, 2023)