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First! NEC's Ingenious Contraption × Milky Way Illumination Brightens Society and People★ [1:50]

Movie script

It all starts from a small possibility.

Connecting people's lives,
connecting people's work,
and connecting "living" and "society".
In doing so, we can go beyond people, things, and processes,
giving birth to a new "light".

NEC will expand these "connections" and
shape a world brimming with "radiance".

It all starts from a small possibility.

Orchestrating a brighter world


Did you know that NEC exists in your day-to-day activities, such as shopping, traveling, and watching sporting events?
Discover how NEC, together with our customers, creates a safe and inclusive society in this video.

The video showcases a "wish" traveling through a town consisting of banks, shops, factories, airports, and hotels,
while connecting various hopes and efforts to enable non-stop operation, just like NEC does!
The illumination depicting the Milky Way with myriad sparkling stars expresses our wish to create a brighter "town" with you through our solutions.

Make our town brighter and more exciting with NEC!

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(November 15, 2023)