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Transforming a Smart Factory with Biometrics, Powered by NEC I:Delight [2:46]

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Transforming a Smart Factory with Biometrics, Powered by NEC I:Delight

Katsutoshi Kono,
Factory manager
YAZAKI HAIPHONG VIETNAM LTD., one of YAZAKI group's main factories worldwide, is a leading automotive wire harness supplier. We provide global carmakers with high-quality, reliable, and eco-friendly parts and systems.

We want to create a better workplace where employees enjoy working in, which will result in more efficient and productive employees. We decided to start by improving a basic yet important facility in our factory - bike parking management.

-Insufficient manpower to process and monitor motorbike flow on-site
-Inefficient and inaccurate identification of employees

Before implementation, eight security staff had to check up to 1,000 motorbikes visually each way at one time. Due to the manual operation, it was difficult to determine who are authorized to enter. Therefore, we deployed NEC and ALSOK's Smart Bike Parking Solution.

Smart Bike Parking Solution automatically matches the faces of employees and the information in the IC card, when employees enter the parking area and tap their IC card over a reader installed at the gate.

-Multi-factor authentication using biometrics

It also records their license plate when they enter and matches them when exiting the parking area, thus preventing issues such as the theft or the use of others' motorbikes.

It has become so much easier to manage the entry and exit of motorbikes.

This solution has made the paper ticket issuing system obsolete and has also made it possible for employees to leave their motorbikes with a peace of mind.

-More secure, efficient access management process
-Employees are assured of their motorbikes' safety when parking on-site
-Optimized manpower involving security staff

We no longer have to wait long in line to receive parking tickets. Face recognition also enables us to quickly enter and exit the parking area.

Makoto Kotani
Deputy Director

We feel that we are able to instantly and reliably identify employees entering the factory and keep the premises safe.

We solved the issues YAZAKI was facing in collaboration with NEC.We are very satisfied with the flexibility of the system design and the implementation.

We are keen on providing our employees with a high-tech and digitized workplace, and we hope to expand this project to other back-office functions at our factory. We are eager to start new projects with NEC and ALSOK in the future.

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Driven by the need to provide a safe and secure bike parking services for their employees, YAZAKI HAIPHONG Vietnam engaged NEC and ASLOK to create a Smart Bike Parking Solution utilizing the world's most accurate face recognition technology. The solution automated the work flow of the parking system and helped the company save manpower cost. Watch this video to see how it works.

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(July 5, 2023)