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Face Recognition Integrated Into Interactive Hall of Fame [2:28]

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Gina Miller
VP, Media & Communications, FC Dallas:

The reaction from our guests who come to the National Soccer Hall of Fame has been one of simply 'Wow'.

Djorn Buchholz
Executive Director, National Soccer Hall of Fame:

It's important that the National Soccer Hall of Fame is interactive, and it is something that we started talking about really from Day One. We wanted to be something a little bit different, you know, which I think is what this sport brings to the sports landscape in the country is something different. So we wanted to be interactive. We wanted to be competitive.

Dan Hunt
Owner, FC Dallas:

To bring the National Soccer Hall of Fame to Frisco was an amazing journey. It had closed down in around 2010 in New York and we wanted it to have a new home. A new beginning.

Gina Miller:
There are a number of wow factors as you think about the National Soccer Hall of Fame. One is just that it tells the story of soccer in North America, something that really wasn't told at this level before with this interactive quality while also showcasing the remarkable history the sport has had. When people walk in, they're thrilled by seeing how interactive and tech-forward the experience is with the virtual reality, the gesture technology, the facial recognition powered by NEC.

Djorn Buchholz:
We chose NEC as our technology partner because at the end of the day, they have got the greatest facial recognition technology available on the market. We really wanted to get that in here and make it the driving force behind people's experience inside the National Soccer Hall of Fame.

Gina Miller:
We work with the right engineers. We powered with NEC and partnered through with them as well. To help figure out what would be the most intuitive way to place these cameras so what when people go up to an exhibit they can easily look towards the camera, or the cameras can automatically find them, and make it an easy, seamless experience.

Djorn Buchholz:
It's been an absolute joy, you know, in working with NEC and really changing the narrative around facial recognition from security into experience. And really customizing the personalized experience.

Gina Miller:
When a lot of things are built they're obsolete by the time you build it. But I think that NEC was just so thoughtful, this facility really is sort of future-proofed in my opinion.

Dan Hunt:
This is what's right for the fans of FC Dallas and the patrons of Toyota Stadium, and with a partner like NEC making this happen, we were able to change the whole feeling for sports hall of fame, our stadium and for this area.

Orchestrating a brighter world


National Soccer Hall of Fame chose NEC to provide their guests personalized experiences at their new Hall of Fame. Registering a face and answering a few questions will take guests to a unique tailored tour. NEC's face recognition would be the driving force behind the customized experiences.

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(March 26, 2019)