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Co-creation with international organizations [3:00]

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Poverty, hunger, lack of access to healthcare.
Many global social issues are waiting to be solved.

NEC is forming strong bonds and partnerships to overcome issues that can't be solved through technology alone.

《Vaccination in Developing Countries》
Across the world, the lives of millions of children can be saved through proper vaccination.
One in four children under age 5(166 million) on average, are not registered in the world today.
And even when they are, they may not have proof of registration.
To address this issue, NEC is working with Gavi and Simprints
to deploy the world's first scalable fingerprint identification solution for children.
This will ensure fair distribution of vaccines and easy management of vaccination records.

《Value Chain Opacity in the Indian Spice Industry》
In the Indian spice industry,
the lack of transparent monitoring in the value chain has been a challenge in ensuring quality and traceability.
Small farm owners are not receiving adequate profits due to the lack of direct market linkage.
NEC is collaborating with the UNDP accelerator Lab India
to test the concept of spice traceability and trading platform empowered by blockchain technology.
The project is expected to ensure better quality assurance, promote exports, and provide stable income to farmers.

《Global hunger》
In 2020, 811 million people were undernourished.
That's one in ten people worldwide.
With hunger on the rise, WFP is delivering more life-saving, life-changing support than ever before.
NEC and WFP are exploring the use of advanced technologies to get more safe food to more people, more quickly.

In addition, a Hybrid Storage System registered with the Sustainability Technology Promotion Platform of UNIDO ITPO Tokyo can reduce diesel fuel consumption by up to 80%, thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions and ultimately helping to solve climate change.

《Refugee in Kenya》
In cooperation with UN-Habitat and Peace Winds Japan, we are supporting the Kalobeyei settlement.
Our goal is to promote economic independence and social integration between refugees and local residents.

As part of the partnership with the International Committee of the Red Cross(ICRC), we are looking to use AI to help identify areas where landmines are likely to be.
Quicker, more accurate searches means mines can be cleared faster and land returned to use sooner.

A world where no one is left behind.
This is the world that NEC envisions.
Together, we can shape the world towards a shared and beautiful future.

Orchestrating a brighter world


Did you know that NEC has been working with various international organizations to achieve SDGs which central pledge is to "Leave no one behind"?
We are taking on the challenge to create a better future through humanitarian aid, industrial development, health and welfare, urban safety and security and more, by leveraging ICT to solve common social issues in the world.
These activities embody NEC's purpose, "Orchestrating a brighter world".
Toward a brighter future, together with NEC.

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(January 6, 2022)