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Safeguard your business with superior biometrics [2:06]

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What if I told you that from now on, anywhere you go, whenever you're asked to verify your identity, all you need to do is pick up your phone, click approve, and you're good to go?

Whether it's banking, dealing with a government agency, or boarding a plane, identity verification takes just one click.

Welcome to the world of NEC Digital Identity.

All I need to do is to sign up with a selfie and a verified identification document. Now, you can use it anywhere.

Many of you might ask, is it safe?

NEC Digital Identity is a distributed solution, eliminating the vulnerability of a central data repository.

Your data is stored in your personal digital wallet and not in any organisation's database, where it can be exposed to hackers.

The app uses Self-Sovereign Identity, or SSI. This means that you have total control over what you want to share.

Inspired by blockchain technology and protected by world-class encryption, we are proud to say that NEC has introduced to business owners one of the planet's most secure digital ID solutions.

And yes, it's the same app you use for secure payments too. Plus, nobody gets to keep your info for longer than they need to.

Log ins? No problem.

Data protection is a huge concern amongst internet users.

With NEC's Digital Identity, whether you're an events organiser, a bar owner, a car rental company, or even a government agency, you can now assure your customers that you're using one of the world's most advanced, secure, and accurate digital identification tools, eliminating the need to hold onto paper-based documents and personal information for years.

Orchestrating a brighter world


Banks, government agencies, and other fintech providers are responsible for protecting millions of records of customer data. Learn how NEC's identity services utilizing biometrics can help in providing higher levels of security while also improving customer experiences.

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(April 2, 2024)