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Comments from Takayuki Morita, President and CEO of NEC Corporation and Christian Klein, CEO and Member of the Executive Board of SAP SE [3:53]

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NEC Corporation
President and CEO
Takayuki Morita

Hello. My name is Takayuki Morita, and I'm the President and CEO of NEC Corporation.

At NEC, we are responding to major changes in society.
We have announced the NEC 2030VISION, our future vision for society,
we are focused on our own company transformation, and
we are committed to creating social value.

I am excited about this new strategic collaboration with SAP.
We will implement our own corporate transformation,
we will drive co-creation business opportunities

The NEC Group has the largest number of SAP consultants in Japan. We also have end-to-end ICT services and a long history of implementing SAP solutions.

With this new alliance, we will further strengthen our collaborative relationship.

SAP will help NEC's corporate transformation by providing their best practices from their own digital transformation. They will also provide their latest solutions.

NEC will then leverage our experience and offer DX solutions, including RISE with SAP, to our customers.

And, NEC will continue to create new innovation and services in the areas of biometrics, security, 5G, supply chain, and sustainability.

These solutions create the "social value" that is shared by both NEC and SAP's corporate philosophies.

We aim to contribute to solving the issues faced by our customers and by society.

I look forward to a successful partnership and working together with the SAP team.

And now, I would like to introduce Christian Klein, the CEO of SAP.

CEO and Member of the Executive Board
Christian Klein

Hello and greetings from Walldorf, Germany!

My name is Christian Klein and I am the CEO of SAP.

In every industry, we see the need for companies to digitally transform.

And the cloud and innovative technologies are the foundation.

Our customers turn to us as they are transforming their businesses and modernizing their IT landscape.

With NEC, one of our most trusted partners, we support them on this journey and even accelerate their transformations.

Using RISE with SAP, NEC and SAP will help many companies in Japan to make their transformations a success.

SAP will also support NEC's corporate transformation based on SAP's knowledge of our own transformation.
With this partnership, we take both our collaboration and our customers' transformations in Japan to the next level!

Morita-san, we are very much looking forward to our partnership with NEC.

Orchestrating a brighter world


NEC Corporation has strengthened its strategic collaboration with SAP, marking a new chapter in the history of our long, successful partnership. To fulfill our shared corporate philosophy of creating social value, both companies are fully committed to driving new initiatives under this collaboration, including accelerating NEC's own corporate transformation and jointly supporting customers' digital transformation journey.

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(February 24, 2022)