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How NEC is Pushing the Biometric Industry Forward by Frost and Sullivan [2:23]

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NEC's legacy of innovation in the identity and biometrics industry has allowed them to achieve and maintain overall leadership among other biometric authentication solutions in the industry. Between the creation of the NEC Bio-IDiom* solution, integration of NeoFace as the core facial recognition capability, and expansion into new use cases in hospitality, retail, and commercial applications, they continue to push the industry forward.

They've pioneered many new use cases for biometric authentication to be used in industries that previously had not been using biometric systems. NEC has capitalized on their multimodal biometrics, rapid authentication processes, and high accuracy to add biometric authentication as a secure, convenient way to validate a person's identity.

NEC continues to serve as a thought leader within the industry, bringing topics such as decentralization, human rights within artificial intelligence, and self-sovereign identity to the forefront. This focus on responsible data control and usage, as well as the responsible use of biometric solutions, makes them a leading voice in the authentication industry.

With new biometric authentication solutions already being used among retail, hospitality, commercial, and banking customers, NEC is ready to start approaching new customers globally with these solutions. The company's global reach, coupled with use case options that can be adapted to customer needs, offers a robust pipeline of potential new business.

NEC seeks to continue expanding the use cases for biometric authentication while maintaining the inherent security of biometric authentication solutions. By improving end-user convenience and customization options, they'll maintain a strong hold on their leadership status in the industry as ongoing development continues.


NEC has recognized again as the market leader by Frost and Sullivan in the FrostRadar: Biometrics Authentication Solutions 2022. The analyst, Danielle VanZandt, talks about how NEC has maintained its leader position, with its advanced biometric capabilities, use case expansion into various industries, and thought leadership on human rights in biometric and data usage.

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(June 14, 2023)