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Open Optical Transport [2:41]

Movie script

As the world moves forward to beyond 5G, the real and virtual worlds will advance together.Networks need to connect the real world and the virtual world more sophisticatedly. These networks will need to connect freely with anyone, anytime and anywhere. In this sense, we believe that the openness of networks will play a vital role.

By opening up networks, NEC hopes to realize a world that integrates computing and networking and dynamically utilizes network resources based on application requirements.

Until now, operators have provided networks separately for each application, area, and layer and have operated each network individually to provide the services users demand. Providing end-to-end services to users has required handling with each individually operated network.

NEC is opening up networks, defining the functions, and making interfaces open so that multiple layers and products can work together and operators can utilize networks as one large resource.

By treating network resources like computer resources, we can control everything with unified orchestrator that optimizes the whole.

This allows computers and networks to converge and provide resources on demand for each service requirement. NEC aims to create such a world through openness.

We achieve openness by disaggregating functions and standardizing their specifications and interfaces.

NEC will provide Open Disaggregated Transponders and other products that support open optical transport.

NEC will also provide various optical devices that support openness.

NEC will provide integration services to build carrier-grade optical networks by combining disaggregated and open products and guaranteeing their operation.

NEC promotes the openness of optical networks and will increasingly integrate computing and networking in the future.

Orchestrating a brighter world


This video provides NEC open optical transport concept. This shows the future of networks, the progress and challenges of openness in optical transport network and the value that NEC provides.

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(March 17, 2022)