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ICT Security Systems for International Sport [2:49]

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In 2018 the Asian Games were hosted in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta and Palembang, Southern Sumatra. This venture involved the participation of athletes from 45 Asian nations, and is second in size, only to the Olympics.

Pandji Choesin
ITT Director, INASGOC:

Security is a topic everybody is always concerned about, particularly in our case where we involve IT, cybersecurity is always an issue.

My mission was to make sure the infrastructure will support the Asian Games.

GBK is one of the oldest stadium arenas and they have probably one of the best experienced people in managing the facilities. They have just installed also one of the most sophisticated equipment with NEC. CCTVs are installed almost in the whole complex, nobody can escape the eyes of the cameras, so I was confident in GBK especially.

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Deploying NEC's state of the art AI face recognition, 'NeoFace', as well as a behavior detection system allowed visitor traffic to pass seamlessly through the gates with minimal disruption. This ICT solution features the highest precision technology, and was used to handle issues quickly and efficiently, for safe, secure and efficient management of the event.
This security system can continues to be deployed at GBK for future events.

Mr Choesin:
We chose NEC because of experience. NEC has been in Indonesia for many years, in fact from the fourth Asian Games in 1962, so they have experience in Indonesia. They have experience in deploying technology, experience in installation, and most importantly it's supporting the installation.

It's not just the ICT infrastructure the technology or anything that is installed, more important is the people, the people running it, the people operating it.

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NEC also provided a network system that was fundamental to managing the event. This system connected a total of 130 locations, including competition and non-competition venues.

Mr Choesin:
We're running the Asian Games in many cities. We want to be able to support the installation and involve local people as well. NEC, I know they have installed many telecommunications equipment in Indonesia. NEC is also integrating the timing and scoring, so these are sophisticated, sensitive equipment that has to be installed in remote areas.

That Indonesia's IT infrastructure is safe and is ready to support the coming generations to do whatever they want to do. To be innovative, to be creative at using this technology.
I'm fortunate that working with NEC we were able to do that.

Orchestrating a brighter world


Advancing ICT Security solutions contributed to the safe and secure management of the 18th Asian Games held in Indonesia. NEC offered a face recognition system and a behavior detection system to the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, the main stadium of the games, also provided a network system connected 130 venues that was fundamental to managing the event.

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