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NEC's custom-built contact center solution helps Omron enhance customer satisfaction. [ 02:56 ]

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Shanghai, epicenter of the world’s fastest expanding economy. Across the Huangpo river the district of Pudong burgeons with ever newer factories. These businesses require high-tech automation and one company which provides it is Omron. Omron specializes in sensors and control systems.


Omron’s showroom models demonstrate the virtues of automation. But, for the customer, the transition from manual to automated can be demanding. Considerable technical support must be made available. The challenge for Omron, with a rapidly expanding customer base, was to offer a solution that would ensure that every customer’s problem could be dealt with quickly and accurately.


The solution was provided by NEC in the form of a technologically advanced call center, one of the latest in China. NEC provided both software and hardware. Customers can either communicate by phone, email or fax to an operator, who can access an online technical database. The system also managers follow up with the clients via fax and e-mail. The call monitoring system also keeps track of previous calls, received calls and types of enquiries received which are projected on a signboard in real time.

Tang Jie ,Call Center Operator, Omron Industrial Automation Business Group (China):
The customers believe that the call center is of great help to them and gives them quick solutions to their problems.


The technology was put together by NEC according to Omron’s specific requirements. NEC was able to provide both a PBX system and a sophisticated server.

David Yang, Senior Manager, NEC Solutions (China):
Besides this integration, we also have search engines, that enable us to quickly look up questions. This allows the operator to immediately access the information on the monitor in order to provide answers for the customer. This is a much better solution for the client.


Omron’s call center can now handle 50 enquiries at once. Lack of waiting time, combined with the speed and efficiency of the search engine has meant sound customer satisfaction. For the management, working with NEC has been a rewarding experience.

Hiroto Matsui:Division General Manager
Omron Industrial Automation Business Group (China):
There are many things that have impressed me with working with NEC - in many different areas.
.NEC Solutions (China) have a lot of wonderful staff locally. They leave absolutely no issue unresolved and follow through to the very end.

NEC is helping Omron to help its customers better - a particular solution for a particular challenge.


OMRON Call Center (Shanghai)

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China is quickly becoming a powerhouse of the world economy. Its businesses now operate at the forefront of technology and are dependent on sophisticated automation, whether it is robots assembling cars or laser-guided steel cutting machinery. Hugely successful at providing that automation is Omron, a company with a staggering growth rate over its 70-year history. Today it is a US$5.5 billion plus global leader in sensing and control components with over 25,000 employees spread out across 35 countries.

But that growth is matched by a rising demand for technical support. Omron needed a solution that would ensure that every customer’s problem could be dealt with quickly and accurately. But Omron didn't just need a quick and cheap fix. It wanted a long-term partnership to collaborate on this crucial project into the future.

It turned to NEC whose local China-based team came in, sat down and talked face-to-face about the best solution to fit Omron's long term plans for growth. The answer came in the form of a highly advanced call center, one which used the very latest in both hardware and software solutions provided by NEC.

As Hiroto Matsui, Division General Manager for the Omron Shanghai Call Center explains: "Due to the rapid expansion Chinese market, we needed a call center which offered a high level of convenience. The demands of our customers could not be met with the previous system. NEC was chosen because being in China, NEC understands the concept of call-centers for Chinese customers."

But the solution was not just a standard contact center. Many call centers today only employ traditional phone systems. Instead, NEC’s solution integrates phone, fax, e-mail and an on-line database to create a seamless operation. NEC provided both software and hardware as part of its total solution, which ensured that everything networked together well.

Customers can now communicate directly to an operator, by phone, fax or e-mail who can then access a technical database online.

Matsui says using the contact center for data collection means there is always a record of the client’s call history, so customers feel like they are dealing with an operator who already knows their previous issues. "Clients enjoy the benefits of a lesser amount of waiting time, which reduces stress.”

The call center not only employs Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), which also substantially reduces costs, it is even virtually intelligent. A customer selecting the "sensor" option will be automatically assigned to an operator who is an expert on sensors.

One contact center operator, Tang Jie, comments: "In the beginning, customers did not think that this service hotline could help them solve their problems. But now customers feel their queries can be resolved with the first call."

Since NEC replaced their hard copy manuals with an searchable data system, operators need only type in key words to get answers for the customers. She says: "In the past, we had no direct access to the internet, but now we can use the easy search functions to find the information we need, to help our customers provide faster and better service."

Omron’s contact center can now handle 30 enquiries at once. Less waiting time, combined with the speed and efficiency of the new knowledge database (FAQ system) software, has helped operators improve customer satisfaction. And for Omron, there’s the added potential for increasing sales. Now, more than 90% of customer queries to the contact center can be answered right over the phone, reducing the need for on-site visits.

Matsui asserts the new call center has put Omron in "a very strong position. But this was no accident. Working with a company, which understood China's public and business culture and was locally based, meant that NEC would work hand in hand with Omron on a custom-built solution to suit its requirements. ''

NEC pride themselves on their China know-how, and why not? NEC was hired in part because it has a wholly-owned branch in China, to aid communication with Omron even better. Today, NEC is supporting Omron to serve its customers better, boosting business whilst helping China on its road to prosperity.

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