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NEC Storage HS Virtual Appliance (VA)

Universal deduplication storage in virtualized environment


Easy Deployment

The NEC Storage HS Virtual Appliance* (HSVA) can be plugged into existing virtual environment without effort and used as universal backup repository.
WAN-optimized Replication minimizes network bandwidth and send local backup to remote data center.

*NEC Storage HS series is sold as HYDRASTOR® in the United States of America.

The NEC Storage Virtual Appliance offers

  • Universal deduplication storage from small environment (1TB up to 16TB usable).
  • Easy deployment into virtual environment.
  • DR solution for small sites with WAN-optimized Replication.
  • Perfect capability for cloud service platform.

Simple, Affordable & Reliable

  • Simple license structure bundling replication, encryption, and all other software.
  • Starting with 1TB usable capacity and can be expanded by 1TB capacity license.
  • Fully compatible software with high-end NEC Storage HS product line.

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How can the NEC Storage HS Virtual Appliance improve your remote capabilities?

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