Products & Solutions

By Industry

Government & Public

Various solutions and products for Government & Public.

Telecom Operators

NEC supports telecom operators to streamline operations and create new business models.


Providing solutions for global business platforms.


Providing solutions that introduce visibility into global logistics operations.


Providing business lifecycle management with rich experiences.


Providing solutions to solve social and economic issues such as traffic congestion in public transport.


Smart Hospitality Solutions for handling all hotel operations.


Agriculture ICT solutions optimize food and agriculture player's operations


Unified communications transform healthcare organizations.


IT and Network communications transform educational organizations.


Providing innovative studio and transmission solutions.

Space Systems

Engaged in the development of more than 50 satellites.

Air Traffic Control & Airport Solutions

Comprehensive know-how of the ATC/NAV systems development.


Safer Cities

Creating safer and more secure urban societies through digital technology

Biometric Authentication

Realizing a safe and secure world with digital technology

Big Data Solutions

NEC puts AI knowledge into practical use and contributes to society of the IoT era and business by using bigdata.


Blockchain has the potential to trigger widespread digital transformation with security and trust.

SDN Solutions

NEC SDN Solutions are IT and Network integrated solutions realized through NEC's advanced technologies.

Cloud Solutions

NEC's comprehensive cloud solutions range from highly adaptable applications to platforms and data centers.

Security Solutions

Today, corporations face significant and difficult challenges in determining appropriate security measures.

Smart Energy

Development of energy component technology such as energy storage system and EV fast chargers.

Display & Digital Signage

Monitor, projector,Digitail cinema projector, 4K UHD and display solutions including digital signage.


NEC's comprehensive computing portfolio including servers and high performance computing.


M series, HS series, T series and storage solutions.

Network Products

Providing hardware and software products for networks as key elements of as social infrastructure.

Integrated IT Infrastructure

Making your IT infrastructure agile, flexible, and efficient.

Embedded Systems

LSI design tool, EMI suppression support tool, IC package design support tool etc.

Fiber Optic Devices

Optical transceivers for access network, backbone network, and client interface.

Sensors & Cameras

Hybrid Finger Identification, Terahertz Imager.


Face recognition, Finger Identification, SaaS solution, unified communication etc.

OEM Services

OEM/ODM services and solutions of IT products.