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As many as 7.8 billion passengers will travel in 2036, a near double of the 4 billion air travellers in 2017, according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

When travelling, the journey is often as important as the destination. However, the increasing numbers of travellers emphasize the need for balancing efficient passenger processing with enhanced security.

Airports and airlines have realised the need to adopt new strategies to proactively support the capacity growth, as well as lower operational costs, identify new revenue streams, and improvise passenger flow to enhance the travel experience.
NEC is at the forefront of providing seamless, secure and efficient solutions for airports, airlines and governments across the globe.

Biometrics based passenger authentication platform for a seamless and secure travel experience.

Passenger Processing

Enhanced operational efficiency and security of airport operations for higher efficiency and higher savings.

Airport Operations

Passenger Processing


With more people flying today as well as heightened security threats, passengers are asked to go through more checks and screenings. All this leads to a poor flying experience.

NEC’s technology enables a passenger’s biometrics and travel information to be captured on a single record. This can then be used as a trusted token to identify him to each stakeholder easily, eliminating the need of repetitive identity checks and ensuring process efficiencies at every touchpoint.

[1] Effortless Check-In and Bag-Check

  • Speeds up check-in by eliminating manual ID and boarding pass verification
  • Increases time in the terminal for passengers to shop and dine
  • Increases operational efficiencies by requiring fewer airline staff members
  • Results in shorter, faster-moving lines and a simpler check-in experience

Check-in / Boarding

[2] Intelligent and Customized Displays

  • Customizes advertisements to face-based loyalty program members based on past purchase history
  • Tailors advertisements and product displays based on age and gender of the traveler
  • Enables retailers to make more efficient use of advertising and increase revenue

[3] Seamless Payment

  • Allows customers to dine, shop, and relax before its time to board their flights
  • Provides a faster, more secure, and personalized experience
  • Enables retailers to track purchase history, tailor promotions, and increase revenue by keeping shoppers engaged and in stores longer

[4] Personalized Lounge Experience

  • Identifies and admits VIP travelers effortlessly
  • Provides VIP travelers with a personal welcome and up-to-date gate and flight information
  • Enables airlines to monitor individual preferences of their VIP travelers to provide a more personalized experience

Duty Free Shops / Lounge

[5] Border Control

  • Eliminates the need for manual passport checks by providing biometric immigration clearance and entry processing
  • Requires fewer agents to handle high passenger volumes
  • Reduces wait times and streamlines the immigration process through fast, accurate identification


[6] Simple, Frictionless Boarding

  • Automates the boarding process, leading to efficient passenger boarding and more on-time departures
  • Eliminates the need for boarding passes, resulting in cost and waste reductions
  • Confirms travelers’ identities in less than two seconds
  • Ensures tickets and ticket holders match without requiring another manual ID check
  • Allows passengers to get to their seats faster with less stress

[7] Biometric Flight Manifest

  • Offers robust functionality to airlines to intuitively create and maintain passenger flight manifests
  • Provides on-demand access to reliable biometric data

[8] Access Control

  • Keeps passengers and airport staff safe by ensuring only the authorized personnel access secure areas of the airport
  • Audits access to secure areas improving overall airport safety and aiding in airport investigations

Traveler Identity


Biometric technology allows a passenger’s personal details to be captured through a biometric scan at the first touch point in the journey. This biometric record is checked against the passenger’s travel documents and a secure single token is created. Then, at every touchpoint in the journey – whether it’s during self-bag-drop, at border control or while boarding the aircraft, passengers can simply walk-through with their biometric ID.



Traditional document-based methods of identification are labor-intensive and time-consuming. They are limited by the accuracy of biographic information obtained from suspects who may use aliases and other false data. These methods can be complicated as criminal history and immigration records reside in different, non-integrated systems.

Biometric passports or E-Passports, combine traditional paper passport with a contactless smartcard containing biometric information. Biometric information about the passport holder is authenticated against information on the chip. This aids in document security by deterring forgeries and tying the passport to the individual by a secure, verifiable method.

According to IATA’s Global Passenger Survey 2017, 82% of the travelers would prefer to use E-Passport for their travel activities.

Registered Travelers


The registered traveler program is designed to facilitate smooth and frictionless passenger journey. According to IATA’s Global Passenger Survey, 64% of the passengers chose biometric identification as their preferred travelling token. A traveller who opts for registered traveller program (One ID) can enrol and authenticate their identity once, he can then use this digital identity to auto-fill his information at the time of booking flights, confirm his identity at security and even pass through border control just using his smartphone.

Automated Border Control


With rapid increase in international travel and trade, complexity of border control has increased significantly. There are increasing incidents of illegal crossings, use of counterfeit IDs / travel documents, and smuggling. Passengers have also identified border control as a major challenge hampering their travel experience. Hence, airport authorities are looking to reduce complexity and time associated with border control processes without compromising airport security.

NEC’s Automated Border Control solution quickly verifies passengers and their travel details against government databases to help speed up passenger flows at border control checkpoints while improving security and resource management.

Security Checks


Advances in technologies have come in support of airport authorities to ensure stronger security and seamless travel experience. Airports around the world are focusing on One ID solutions as it enables them to identify passengers quickly. Data sharing across multiple touch-points provides easy access to threat level information, criminal activity record and travel history of passengers.

Through NEC’s world renowned biometric technologies, authorities can verify passengers quickly. Enabled by risk-based screening through biometric identity verification, the security checks provide a seamless, secure and efficient walk-through experience to the passengers.

Airport Operations


Significant increase in global passenger traffic coupled with capacity constraints enhance the need for airport operators to have intelligent, real-time insights for timely allocation of resources. NEC’s suite of integrated software solutions - flight information display systems, intelligent surveillance solutions and air navigation solutions are designed to provide operational efficiency with enhanced security.

Airport Security


To tackle increasing risks posed by terror attacks and identity thefts, aviation experts across the globe are adopting stronger security measures. However, these measures are posing challenge to enrich travel experience. According to IATA’s Global Passenger Survey 2017, passengers have identified airport security as one of their top two pain points. Airports are increasingly investing in smart technologies to make security processes safer, more efficient and hassle-free.

NEC’s video analytics, biometrics and surveillance solutions ensure high quality ambient security. Our best-in-class watch-list screening, behaviour detection and crowd level estimation solutions address all security pain-points. For more than 50 years, we have been delivering innovative solutions for airport operations and security.

Behavior Detection


Due to increased terror threats, situational awareness is gaining increasing importance for both national and international travel. By monitoring and analyzing traveler behavior, airports can identify suspicious travelers in real-time and conduct screening in advance.

NEC offers a highly efficient and user-friendly video analytics solution - Behavior Analyzer. It monitors passenger behavior and flags any suspicious activities such as intrusion, loitering, and object abandonment. Additionally, it can be easily integrated with existing CCTV systems and other third-party cameras. Our emphasis on maximizing monitoring functions and making the monitoring center more efficient is helping us become one of the leading providers of behavior detection solutions.

Crowd Behavior Analysis


Aviation experts are working hard to serve high number of current travelers and accommodate for future growth in the passenger volume. They are looking for solutions to optimize current infrastructure while strengthening security.

NEC’s crowd behaviour analysis solution offers real-time insights around crowd movement and density levels. In case of unusual crowd movements and sudden rise in crowd levels, alert is generated to warn security personnel. It empowers security operators to improve staffing efficiency and dynamically allocate resources for high priority tasks, improving checkpoint efficiency and reducing wait times.

Watchlist Screening


Rapid increase in the number of travelers is posing higher security threats and unforeseen risks. Airports are focusing on high-risk passengers at security checkpoints to secure borders from pre-identified threats.

NEC’s watchlist screening solution identifies person of interest through real-time video and historical records, using multi-biometric 1: N search. NEC’s top-quality facial recognition platform provides real-time surveillance that captures traveler identity. The solution is equipped with forensic search capabilities to check archives of video and static images of people included in the watchlist. Whenever a live record of the traveler matches with any person included in the watchlist, a real-time alert is produced to warn security officials.

Passenger Flow Management


NEC offers a comprehensive passenger flow management solution that provides real-time insights throughout the airport journey for efficient movement of passengers. As the passenger moves through the check-points, various cameras and sensors at different locations collect the necessary data. Through our advanced ICT solutions, we can analyze this data to give operators vital knowledge about the smooth running of the airport and how to increase revenue and enhance security.

Flight Information Display

Our comprehensive flight information display solutions enable airport authorities to constantly update passengers and staff with flight, security inspection and ticket counter related information. These displays are also helpful to display news, weather and emergency guidelines.

You can know more about our flight information display solutions on this page.

Air Traffic Control

In order to enable both civil aviation and air defense authorities maintain air safety and accommodate future traffic growth, NEC offers an integrated Air Traffic Control System for enroute and terminal air traffic control.

You can know more about our navigation solutions on this page.


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