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Electronic Vouchers for Women in Emergencies - Mozambique, Africa

--How IT solutions can help Internally Displaced People (IDPs) access humanitarian aid supplies--

[NEC Visionary Week 2022]
AI pioneers a revolution in next generation vaccines

White Paper

Digitalization Ensuring Sustainable Growth ~Steps toward healthy lives and well-being for all~


Innovators Creating a Better Future

Contributing to SDGs through co-creation
with international organizations

The actions of businesses today will decide
where the world is headed through 2030 and beyond.

We stand at the front line of the challenges facing society,
using our technology and our passion to create solutions for a better world.
Taking a truly global business perspective for the generations who will follow us.

Drawing on our advanced NEC technologies in
biometrics, AI and 5G, we are partnering with international organizations
to create the innovation that tomorrow demands.
The hopes of the world are reflected in our direction as a company,
as we work together for a future in which
all people and societies can flourish.



Gavi The Vaccine Alliance
Simprints every person counts

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NEC actively contributes to the achievement of SDGs

Recognition of Social Issues Awareness
Building of Strengths Technolopment
Creation of Value Maximization of value Minimization of risk

There are still many challenges in the world that need to be faced

More than 50% of the global population: No access to critical medical services *1

Nearly 20 million children: No access to vaccination programs for preventable diseases *2

One in nine people: Sleeps on an empty stomach *3

  • *1
    Source: United Nations Information Centre Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Report 2020
  • *2
    Source: UNICEF - What we do | Health(2019.)
  • *3
    Source: United Nations World Food Programme Zero Hunger(2017.)

We are taking concrete steps
to address these pressing global issues.

Pandemic response / Food assistance

Humanitarian aid

Improvement of productivity / Supply chain development

Agriculture and industrial development

Vaccines and immunizations / Nutrition control

Global health and nutrition

Counterterrorism / Border control

Public Safety

Bringing Amazing Ideas to Life
NEC actions to achieve SDGs