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Rising to the challenge of
global innovation

NEC's new business development

Since our establishment in 1899, NEC has remained committed to creating social value through the relentless pursuit of innovation. We engage in new business development, utilizing diverse methods to harness innovation and transform our technological strengths into tangible customer value. By effectively implementing these innovations in society, we have achieved remarkable success. NEC is dedicated to boldly embracing challenges as we continue to create and expand businesses. In this section, you will learn more about NEC's efforts in new business development.

Global seeds of innovation
NEC's approach to new business development

NEC strives to create new businesses through the power of open innovation, harnessing the collective wisdom of the brightest minds of the world.  
NEC's new business development process goes beyond relying solely on our technological strengths; it incorporates a systematic approach that generates ideas through a market-oriented perspective. Furthermore, the commercialization of these ideas takes various forms, carefully chosen to align with business strategies.

Taking on challenges with passion
Six innovation models for creating new businesses

NEC boldly embraces challenges to create new businesses. The following are six innovation models that drive new business development.

Innovation is not generated by chance

The following explains our innovation management approach, which underpins new business development at NEC.

1. Process
Using the process reference model PLCOR as the foundation, we have integrated lean startup methodologies through customer development and defined an end-to-end process from business strategy formulation to launch. All of NEC's new businesses follow this process.

2. Evaluation system
The Global Innovation Unit at NEC, tasked with driving new business development, conducts performance evaluations using processes tailored to the new business division. Within the process of new business development, we conduct "process outcome evaluations" during the steps of business strategy formulation to business model creation, and "business value evaluations" during the steps from product development to business launch. Evaluating initiatives based not only on revenue and profits but also on progress and business value is crucial for the realization of new businesses.

3. Talent development
Talent development is essential for the realization of new businesses. We implement measures such as specialized training to enhance skills in new business development, expanding the freedom of career recruitment, and establishing a personnel education system specifically for new business developers, which involve changes in the system. Additionally, there is a community system that connects all business developers, fostering a culture of mutual learning where 1,600 experts share wisdom and experiences.

Creation of new social values that shape the future

NEC aims to achieve innovative new business development by focusing on the six innovation models and the process of new business development introduced so far, along with the talented individuals and systems that execute them. Our goal is to boost synergy and co-creation across our organization's technological capabilities, enhancing the value of our technologies, and establishing agile business incubation as our next core business.
Furthermore, by continuously communicating these efforts, NEC generates empathy and steadily advances the creation of new social value, paving the way for the future.

  • NEC Innovation Challenge
    Co-Creation Business Development Scheme

    As part of efforts to promote the creation of new businesses through open innovation, NEC holds the NEC Innovation Challenge, an annual global accelerator program for startups. First launched in fiscal year 2022 (covering April 2022 to March 2023), the challenge has attracted numerous startups from countries across the globe to participate each year.

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