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Future Creation Design

DX Design Consulting Service

Innovation, Digital Transformation and NEC’s Design Thinking

We accelerate your digital transformation with NEC‘s 4 Design Services. We support you reframe your business and create value using prototype.

Activity: Exploring the business opportunity for client and offer grand design at value proposition phase.
Deliverables: Realize and clarify the business opportunities, real service image and whole essential activities.

Business Grand Design 60 Days

Activity: Develop sophisticated experience with customer value proof or prototyping verification at effectiveness confirmation phase.
- Customer Journey Map / Service Blueprint
- Prototyping
- User Evaluation

Experience Design 60 Days

Activity: Combination experiments with NEC’s key assets and new technologies (e.g. VR x 5G Training, Conference system x emotional analytics and etc…)
Deliverables: Experiment the availability and feasibility of new technology in order to create sophisticated user experience.

Technology Experiment

Activity: Design service branding for new business and service
Deliverables: Service branding plan
- User surveillance and analysis result
- Fit and Gap analysis result
- Customer Journey Map or Service Blueprint

Service Branding Design 60 Days

NEC Academy for FCD (Future Creation Design)
NEC Corporation announced the “NEC Academy for Future Creation Design” will be launched to provide a place for "learning" and "practice" to develop DX human resources.

NEC’s Design Thinking Framework

NEC has developed the NEC Design Thinking Framework in collaboration with Business Models Inc , which has a proven track record globally.We will guide you through this intensive co-creation journey and accelerate your digital transformation.

NEC’s Design Thinking Activities are Introduced in this book.

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