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Smart farming

CropScope innovates agricultural operations with digital agriculture utilizing AI and data analytics
Optimize the entire value chain players in food and agriculture

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Production challenges

The world CropScope wants to realize

What is CropScope

To reproduce virtual field consists of digitalized data from Satellite/UAV/Sensors. CropScope provides useful advice/consultation based on analyzed field data CropScope contribute for all players on the value chain for their effective work


Visualizing crops and the environment in large area which has been difficult until now, CropScope enables to support decision making in the farming activities.
Sharing early detection of abnormalities as an alert/recommendation it will secure a stable yield. CropScope realize automatic farming by linking with irrigation system. Also harvest management feature supports producers and processing companies.

Value chain players

CropScope use case movie

NEC's Agri-Tech Solution achieves higher harvest with less input of fertilizers and water. [2:15]

【NEW】 CropScope realize smart agriculture and sustainable farming

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