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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Driving NEC's Management and Business Strategies

Objectives of NEC’s Intellectual Property Initiatives

NEC has always prioritized advanced technologies as a crucial part of its business foundation. For example, in the fields of face, iris, and fingerprint recognition, we have attained top rankings in the benchmark tests by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Furthermore, our intellectual property portfolio, including our leading AI technologies, has garnered high praises from external independent research organizations.

NEC’s Intellectual Property Management Division is committed to clearly conveying the importance and practical benefits of intellectual property in a more accessible way and understandable and our goal is to foster a deeper understanding of the strengths and application potentials of NEC’s intellectual property, to foster increased collaborative creation with our stakeholders, and spur a wide range of innovations.

photograph:Wada Sigeki

NEC’s IP Vision

Creating Social Values and Contributing to Society Through Our IP Initiatives

picture:NEC’s Intellectual Property Vision

NEC’s IP Initiatives

As a dedicated intellectual property organization at the forefront of shaping both management and business strategies, our focus lies in designing, developing, managing, and utilizing our IP portfolio. Through our collaborations across business, development, and research sectors, we establish intellectual property as a key strategic asset. We are consistently proactive in integrating IP within various management and business contexts. This strategy enables us to build trust and establish a reputation as experts in intellectual property. All of these efforts are foundational to our ongoing support for the NEC Group’s commitment to creating social value.

Case Studies and Results

NEC’s Intellectual Property in Numbers

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