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Value Proposition

For our retail industry customers, NEC provides a wide range of packaged solutions backed by the knowhow accumulated through our partnership with the world's leading retailers. Our customers can enjoy one-stop support for future-proof operations encompassing IT consulting, solution implementation and deployment as well as store system operations and maintenance.

  • Achieve the store system operation efficiency necessary for your store openings
  • Create dynamic sales spaces suited to your customer needs, and get the most out of customer touchpoints


  • 40 years of effective support experience dealing with 53,000 stores
  • Comprehensive support from development of hardware and software to management after installation
  • Wide product lineup that covers stores, headquarters, and a range of businesses, regions and countries


Function/Operation Feature
In Store Operation NEC’s POS systems allow easy installation and stable operations. Our comprehensive service support ranges from easy operability, fraud prevention, accurate sales cash management, promotions with an incentive to buy, solutions for wide-area chain store operations to deployment and maintenance
Merchandising NEC has been collaborating with major chain retailers with large numbers of stores around the globe; thanks to the expertise gained through this collaboration, NEC is able to create a system architecture that is best suited to wide-area chain stores and/or chain store operations. NEC offers standardization of chain store operations along with product assortment, ordering and inventory optimization based on consumer needs.
CRM With a proven track record and rich expertise in the Japanese markets, you can rely on NEC for a total solution menu of CRM, loyalty points management, promotions and much more. NEC will help you understand your customers better, and improve the overall service by offering the optimum customer experience at various customer touchpoints.