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NEC's Customer Satisfaction Enhancement Activities

(CS stands for customer satisfaction.)

The CS That NEC Is Aiming For

This is the kind of product we wanted! or Only NEC could do this! Having our customers feel this way is the greatest joy for us at NEC.
By listening to customer comments and conducting various surveys, we objectively evaluate NEC in terms of how satisfied our customers are with the products and services we offer. In this way, we work to create products and services that exceed customer expectations and continue forging trusting relations with customers. This is the basis for the CS enhancement activities that NEC promotes.

Progressing as an Enterprise Valued by Customers and Society

An enterprise is sustained by the society it exists in. Corporate actions must be taken based on this perspective. We believe that understanding this point is the foundation of corporate social responsibility (CSR).

NEC's CS improvement activities involve our broadening our horizons from the CSR viewpoint and promoting our business by looking not only at our direct customers but also at the customers of our customers (consumers and citizens) and the society in which they live.
We are committed to providing value to our customers from a social point of view, contributing to solutions to societal problems in cooperation with our customers, and continuing our efforts to establish relationships of trust with our customers.

Picture : CS Promotion

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