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NEC's Customer Satisfaction Enhancement Activities

Aiming to Be a Company "Chosen" by Customers

The significance of NEC's existence can be measured by its continued provision of value to society through its business activities. The NEC Group is determined to serve as a company that is embraced by and essential to society. By each employee listening to the opinions of customers and the voices of society, the company can strengthen its ability to create value while working towards the solution of social issues.

The value that customers and society seek and expect from NEC is constantly changing. To enable a continued response to customer expectations, NEC feels it is critical to build and maintain a trust relationship by understanding the essential issues faced by customers and society.

On the basis of this viewpoint, NEC's CS activities promote our business by looking at not only our direct customers but also our customers' customers (consumers and citizens) and the society in which they live. NEC is working on CS activities with the aim of obtaining trust and positive feedback from its customers—"We want NEC to work with us again next time."

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