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NEC Safer Cities

According to the latest United Nations estimates, the world will be home to 9.7 billion people by 2050. More than half of the growth will come from only nine countries. The population of 47 of the world's least developed countries is also expected to at least double in size.

As a leading provider of safe-yet-smart city initiatives, NEC offers a wide portfolio of solutions which allow governments to use new technologies to create 'Safer Cities'.

Social and urban transformation

In the developed world, the population of 55 nations is expected to decrease by one percent or more due to low birth rates and emigration. 2018 marked the first time in history when people over the age of 65 outnumbered people five years or younger. By 2050, the number of people aged 65 or older is expected to outnumber those aged between 15 and 24 for the first time.

Massive demographic shifts can cause tremendous strain on governments, both in emerging markets grappling with population growth and urbanization, and in developed countries suffering population decline and rapidly aging populations.

By utilizing the latest technologies in the area of Artificial Intelligence, IoT and Big Data in a secure environment, governments and local authorities are able to implement safe and efficient public services which meet the operational requirements of rapidly-changing environments.

Key focus areas

NEC can provide numerous technologies and solutions capable of meeting high standards worldwide. Below are some of the focus areas where we see key deployments taking shape, including some solutions that are already active in certain locations and environments.


Public safety solutions includes automated detection of security incidents which enables governments and enterprises operating large venues to quickly respond to potential threats. Using biometrics and Artificial Intelligence technologies, local authorities can achieve an accurate yet unobtrusive view of real-time incidents in their cities. These solutions have been deployed in numerous sectors around the world such as airports, stadiums and other venues.


Smart transportation solutions enable local governments and operators to run efficient transport systems that optimize and automate numerous tasks required in running a complex transport network. Safe and reliable operations allow more people to use stress free means of transport, resulting in less congestions, which in turn lessen the negative impact to the environment.


Digital government solutions enable public authorities to leverage the benefit of digital transformation for government and public services to enable efficient and fair services to its users. Recent acquisitions in Denmark and the UK have significantly increased NEC's portfolios and capabilities in providing the latest cutting-edge digital services to both public and government sectors.


City management solutions provide integrated and secure platforms which local governments can use to integrate, share and analyze any specific or the entire operations of a city from one portal, enabling efficient operations and better citizen services. Such NEC deployments can be seen in key cities around the world, leveraging the open standard FIWARE platform and key technologies under a secure, yet user-friendly environment, contributing to a more advanced smart city operations.

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