Bringing people together and filling each day with inspiration

Around the world, people’s life needs are still going unmet. Some lack access to high-quality medical care and schooling, while others are looking for greater personal fulfilment in their lives. NEC will provide personalized services and experiences, from healthcare and education to leisure and recreation, and fill each day with inspiration.


What if you could effortlessly attend sporting events around the world?

The Smiths have taken a trip to watch their favorite team in the final. Their flight information and hotel reservation are linked, so once they land and pass through arrivals, they’re automatically checked in.

The Smiths’ bags have been sent ahead to the hotel so they can go straight to the stadium, where they pass seamlessly through the face-recognition stadium gates. Their pre-ordered beers arrive just as they get to their seats.

The match is tightly contested but the Smiths’ team wins and takes home the championship! The Smiths celebrate by buying some team memorabilia, paying with their faces.

At their hotel, they go straight to their rooms and unlock the door by looking at it. Before bed, they watch custom highlights curated just for them, reliving their favorite moments from the match.


What if there was always a doctor at your side?

The Smiths are on holiday. After breakfast in the hotel, they check their vital signs on their wearable health devices. Mr. Smith’s numbers are a little high.

“Since we’re away from home, I’d feel more comfortable asking Dr. Brown what he thinks,” Mr. Smith says.The Smiths contact their family doctor, Dr. Brown, who advises, “Just make sure to not eat too much and to get some regular light exercise and you’ll be fine.”

To be safe, he writes Mr. Smith a digital prescription. The Smiths take it to a nearby pharmacy that automatically processes the prescription data and they get Mr. Smith’s medication in no time.

Relieved, the Smiths decide to go for daily walks back home, so they can enjoy many more wonderful trips together in the future as well.


What if you could attend school from wherever you wanted?

At 8:50 in the morning, Sofia logs into school from the hospital.
“Good morning!” she says enthusiastically, before chatting with Amy, who’s in the classroom, and Lucy, who’s away on a trip with her family, until their biology class starts.

After listening to the teacher’s explanation, Sofia starts answering a worksheet that has been tailor-made for her, but one question stumps her.

Noticing the puzzled look on Sofia’s face, her teacher slowly talks her through the question, using an actual flower from the school garden to help. Now the question makes sense and Sofia happily fills in the rest of the worksheet.

Just as pleased are her parents, who are relieved that she can attend school remotely, while still interacting with her friends and teachers with complete ease.

The five visions of society : Life


Bringing people together and filling each day with inspiration

Realizing exciting lifestyles in real and virtual worlds
that meet the diverse values of consumers

  • ・ Fostering mental and physical well-being and long life
  • ・ Improving daily habits
  • ・ Free and open learning opportunities