Living harmoniously with the earth to secure the future

The world is at a turning point, facing global challenges such as growing demand for energy, food, water and other resources, the exacerbation of natural disasters by climate change, and ever more serious environmental issues.
NEC will strive to preserve our precious planet, now and into the future, by visualizing the changes to the Earth and promoting the efficient and circular use of limited resources.


What if we could accurately forecast water-related disasters?

On a beautiful sunny day, Aditi is out taking a walk by the river. Suddenly, an alarm goes off on her digital wristband: “Warning! Monsoon upstream. Risk of flooding in three hours.”

She quickly opens up an app on her phone and follows the real-time instructions. She hurries home to her husband Rahul and together they head for the safety of a local evacuation center.


What if shopping could help, not harm, sea turtles?

David is at the supermarket with his daughter Amy. He’s choosing which hand soap to buy.“Pick this one, Daddy! It’s better for the environment,” says Amy with a smile.

David scans the product with an app on his phone that displays how eco-friendly it is using an illustration of a smiling sea turtle. The bigger the smile, the more eco-friendly it is.

Up comes a sea turtle with huge smile on its face, with text that reads “Big Smile! 100%!”


What if climate change was no longer a threat?

It’s 2070 and Ananya is talking to her grandma, Aditi. “A long time ago, the world was in real trouble. There were intense heat waves and flooding, and there was even the risk of some cities sinking into the ocean,” says her grandma.

“What happened next?” asks Ananya.“Well, the problem was CO₂ emitted into the atmosphere. So, companies took action, people started driving more electric cars, the way goods were transported changed, and so on. Luckily, with everyone working together, we were able to get CO₂ emissions down to almost zero.”

With far fewer extreme climate events in the world, Ananya can enjoy the changing of the seasons with peace of mind.

The five visions of society : Environment


Living harmoniously with the earth to secure the future

Realizing a sustainable global environment
by taking a holistic approach to tackle society's issues and
challenges that promotes greater transparency and
real behavioral change

  • ・ Realization of a decarbonized society
  • ・ Implementation of global warming countermeasures
  • ・ Guaranteeing food and water security