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NEC Safer Cities

Creating safer and more secure urban communities through digital technology

The world’s population is expected to reach 9.8 billion by 2050, with the urban population almost doubling to 6.3 billion. This extreme increase in urban population will bring about many challenges for society and people.

For instance, the rapid movement of people and things across borders and industries increases the risk of crime and terrorism. There is a greater need to find solutions through digital technology to tackle these rising challenges faced by cities.

NEC has utilized its range of IoT solutions and AI technologies, including biometrics such as fingerprint identification and face recognition, and video analytics technologies, to realize a safe and secure society globally. With its long proven history of providing Solutions for Society, NEC aims to combine safety and security across cities to create a more efficient, equal and affluent society, where citizens can live in freedom and achieve their highest potential. With the focus on NEC Safer Cities, NEC will collaborate with our customers and partners to deliver solutions for Public Safety, Digital Government, and Smart Transportation globally.

White paper
NEC Safer Cities: Creating Cities that are Safe, Secure, Efficient, and Equal

Case Studies

Make Surat the Safest City in India by using Face Recognition Technology

-Surat, India-

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Smart City Ahmedabad Development

-Ahmedabad, India-

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Intelligent Surveillance Solution using Face Recognition to Improve the Security of the Stadium

-Medellin, Colombia-

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