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Creating sustainable societies by shaping new industries and workstyles

Realization of a resilient environment that allows for creative self-realization through diverse work styles and
work objectives

People's workplaces will have expanded beyond real spaces to include also virtual spaces. People will find fulfilment from workplaces and
workstyles that best suit them. What kinds of industries and workstyles will be needed to create flexible, resilient and sustainable societies,
where everyone can reach their full potential?


Creating a society with diverse and flexible working styles, where everyone is engaged

In 2030, the advancement and spread of technology will make working with AI and robots increasingly common. There are expected to be fewer constraints on workplaces and working hours than ever before and having people from around the world working together in a virtual office space will be entirely normal.

More people will seek self-actualization by actively learning new technologies and skills to get the jobs they want, and by contributing to society through their work. More and more companies and individuals will seek to solve social challenges that were previously thought to be insurmountable through co-creation that transcends the boundaries of the public and private sectors. Humanity's experience of COVID-19 will also heighten the need for sustainable societies that are resilient to disasters and pandemics.

New businesses will be launched with the cooperation of people around the world. Everyone will be able to contribute to business and society in a role of their own choosing. These diverse working styles will be supported by a sustainable and resilient infrastructure. Digitalization across society as a whole will relieve workers from undue burdens and make communities and industries resilient against disasters and other contingencies. NEC aims to foster these kinds of new connections between people and work, and realize a fair society where everyone can choose a way of working that best suits them and helps them achieve their full potential.

Looking to the Future

NEC is linking government, finance and industry, helping to shape industries and workstyles that enable people to unlock their potential

Support for work in remote or virtual spaces

Societies where workplaces have shifted to primarily remote and virtual spaces will need to create digital environments that enhance productivity, enable the remote/virtual monitoring of worksites in the same way as in the real world, and ensure that remote operations can be done safely. NEC is facilitating diverse working styles by providing comfortable, safe and resilient remote tools and virtual offices. In this way, we are supporting work opportunities and environments that ensure everyone can work at their full potential from any location.


Improved productivity, Eliminating disparities in working opportunities

Digital Government / Digital Finance

If people are to achieve their goals in work and in life, it is essential to eliminate complicated procedures and ensure quick and timely government services and safe and secure financial services. NEC is promoting safe, secure and convenient administrative procedures and digital settlement through the utilization of digital IDs, biometric authentication and anonymization, among other technologies. We aim to not only boost operational efficiency, but also realize a society that continually generates people-oriented services and innovation.


Citizen-centric transformation of government services, Social stability through democratization of data

Creating co-operative work environments with AI and robots

As remote work becomes increasingly common, it will also become important to find new workstyles for the essential workers who support society, such as those in the medical, welfare, manufacturing, logistics and retail sectors. Utilizing AI and robot technologies, NEC is supporting the safe control, automation and autonomy of complex and diverse tasks. Combining remote, automated and autonomous operations, for example in store operations or at warehouses and construction sites, we aim to achieve sustainable and highly productive working environments.


Eliminating labor shortages, Minimizing risk of emergencies

An example of future society


Creating sustainable societies by shaping new industries and workstyles

Changes to social and business environments, such as more complex and serious social issues and unpredictable situations, mean the digitalization of all aspects of society, as well as flexible workstyles, are more important than ever.

NEC will develop innovative administrative tools, financial services and office environments to connect people and companies and shape industries and workstyles.