Bringing people together and filling each day with inspiration

Realizing exciting lifestyles in real and virtual worlds
that meet the diverse values of consumers

In 2030, AI and digital technologies will have permeated all aspects of our lives, and experiences that seamlessly fuse together the virtual and
real worlds will be part of everyday life. In a world where remote operations and robotics have advanced, people will have a wide variety of
choices available to them. As lifestyles and values diversify, how can society bring people together and fill each day with excitement and


Seeking a life where all people's values are respected, and everyone enjoys healthy and fulfilling lives, both physically and mentally

In the world of 2030, lifestyles based on remote operations and coexistence with AI and robots will be increasingly common and widespread. As digitalization progresses, people will enjoy ever greater freedoms in the virtual world, such as shopping, entertainment and learning, while making the most of their individual choices and lifestyles.

People will want to meet their self-actualization needs and achieve a sense of fulfilment based on their diverse values, such as being healthy in mind and body, having ready access to knowledge, and so on. They will therefore want services and experiences that support self-actualization and are optimized to their individual needs and life scenarios, including age, gender and interests.

All services and experiences will be provided in a timely way and suited to individual needs, thanks to the interlinking of different people-centric services and data, for example in healthcare, education and entertainment. Ever better experiences, accounting for diverse perspectives and feelings, will continually be created. People will be able to enjoy better lives filled with inspiration, as well as health in mind and body, long into the future. That is the kind of society that NEC aims to realize.

Looking to the Future

NEC respects the diverse values people seek and is supporting fulfilling and healthy lives, in both mind and body

Inclusion in education

With the spread of the internet, people are seeking wisdom and knowledge that are best suited to a diverse society and individual values. NEC is providing cloud-based education services with the aim of helping everyone to obtain learning opportunities for life according to each individual's proficiencies and life stages, as well as technology-related educational content. We are working to provide free, open and fair learning opportunities to people around the world.


Eliminating education disparities across different communities, Enhancing digital literacy

Contributing to individualized medical care

No matter where people live, they will desire access to the medical care and treatment they need. Besides treatment, care will also be increasingly focused on prevention. NEC is striving to implement highly reliable, safe and secure remote medical care and realize AI-assisted drug discovery and development, thereby contributing to establishing next-generation healthcare involving the integration of medicine, prevention and life sciences.


Providing care optimized for individuals, Improving hospital bed usage rates

Support for maintaining physical and mental health in the digital era

For people who hop between real and virtual worlds every day, maintaining not only their physical but also their mental health is highly important. NEC is working to visualize feelings and stress, utilizing AI and IoT. By enabling people to easily check their everyday physical and mental well-being, we are contributing to personalized health management.


Extending healthy life expectancy, Maintaining well-being, Improving daily habits

An example of future society


Bringing people together and filling each day with inspiration

Around the world, people’s life needs are still going unmet. Some lack access to high-quality medical care and schooling, while others are looking for greater personal fulfilment in their lives.

NEC will provide personalized services and experiences, from healthcare and education to leisure and recreation, and fill each day with inspiration.