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Wheelchair Tennis Volunteers

NEC Group Employees have Meaningful Experiences with Diversity and Inclusion* by being Wheelchair Tennis Volunteers

NEC stated in its Mid-Term Management Plan 2015 that it is committed to transforming itself into a “social-value innovator.” To achieve that, NEC does more than sponsor wheelchair tennis events. We also, for example, create opportunities for NEC Group employees around the world to volunteer for the wheelchair tennis tournaments in their communities as umpires and/or staff members as part of NEC’s Make-a-Difference Drive. This is a positive way of increasing community involvement.

*Inclusion refers to creating an environment in which various types of people are provided opportunities to express their individuality so that the organization can perform at a higher level as a result of this pluralistic nature.

Wheelchair tennis athletes and volunteers (as interpreters) at NEC TaiwanWheelchair tennis athletes and volunteers (as interpreters) at NEC Taiwan

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