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NEC Pro Bono Initiative

Total number of participants in pro bono: 169 (As of the end of March 2018)

NEC employees provide social entrepreneurs with the support to solve their issues.

We started pro bono activities with the cooperation of the NPO Service Grant for the first time for a Japanese corporation.

Programs to support social entrepreneurs in solving issues through using the skills of NEC Group professionals. In 2010, we started pro bono activities with the cooperation of the NPO Service Grant for the first time for a Japanese corporation.

We recruit employees and organize teams of 5 to 8 members to provide support for the needs of social entrepreneurs.
We aim that, through their experience in helping social entrepreneurs innovate society, participants will not only brush up on their sense of what everyday life is like for ordinary people but also create new services and solutions.

Comments from participants

  • I realized that working with people from different divisions and professions in NEC Group as a team can merge various ideas and create unique ones which are rarely created in daily operations.I think this pro bono activity is a hint for innovation NEC should target.

Comments from supported organizations Hiroki Iwasa, GRA Inc., organization supported in FY2013

  • They helped us build the DRM mechanism to strengthen the relationship between supporters and beneficiaries using Salesforce.Diverse team members, consultants in charge of logical discussions and presentation slide creation, sales personnel in charge of facilitation and creating an atmosphere all utilized experience in their daily businesses to get through the difficulties, accomplishing this project under the persistent leadership of the project manager without losing a sense of unity.The project members visited the local site twice and exchanged opinions with the local members.The system is now used for some business operations.We would not have been able to build the mechanism alone. Thank you very much for the help. We think that the project members are part of GRA.We look forward to working with you again.

Comment from partner organizations: Ikuma Saga Founder & CEO, Service Grant Japan

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