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–Themes for social value creation

In this section we take a look at the technologies deployed to create social value, organized according to the seven themes underlying NEC's efforts in this area. These are introduced through feature articles and papers in NEC Technical Journal.

NEC is working to preserve the environment and ensure harmony between society and the Earth. We visualize changes to the planet, promote the efficient and circular use of finite resources, and take proactive measures against potential threats to our shared existence.

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Sustainable Earth

In collaboration with citizens, industry, government, and academia, NEC is creating safe and secure platforms for public services and everyday life, so as to create comfortable and vibrant communities that are welcoming and attractive to all.

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Safer Cities & Public Services

NEC is supporting the stable operations of vital infrastructure and ensuring that they are resilient to environmental and social changes.

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Lifeline Infrastructure

With the help of its information and communication technologies deployed everywhere, from the ocean floor to outer space, NEC is building secure and responsive networks that can overcome the hurdles posed by physical distance, allowing people to enjoy new and seamless experiences in real-time.

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NEC is striving to shape industries for a better future, by creating innovative eco-systems that go beyond individual companies and sectors, and create new and necessary industrial connections.

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Industry Eco-System

NEC is designing new work environments that take into consideration individualpersonalities and life stages, in order to cater to the needs of everyone and empower all people toexcel.

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Work Style

NEC is providing a wide range of services and experiences to fulfil individual needs, covering sectors such as healthcare and education, as well as leisure activities, so that everyone can feel inspired each day.

Selected articles

Quality of Life
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To create a brighter future, NEC is focusing its efforts on 7 social value creation themes.