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Corporate Profile

Company overview, corporate data, financial results, and business outline.

Investor Relations

Stock information, financial reporting, and documents and material for share-holders.

Awards & Recognition

NEC's strengths and competencies.

Event Calendar

Information about exhibitions and events.

NEC Worldwide

Comprehensive list of NEC Group contacts and websites by country/region.

The NEC Way

NEC's corporate philosophy, vision, and core values.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We aim to ensure the sustainable development of society.

Approach to Environmental Issues

Highlights of environmental activities.

Research & Development

Leading the way to a more advanced global information society.

NEC Showroom

NEC Innovation World where you can experience NEC's advanced technologies and solutions.


Our design policy.


Highlights of NEC's advertising campaigns.


Introducing NEC's leading-edge technologies.

Download Corporate Documents

Corporate profile, fact sheet, corporate office/organization charts.


Bringing ideas to people.
Be ready for the future success.

100 Innovators Series

NEC's innovators speak passionately about their activities.

NEC Channel! MiTA TV

NEC supports lives and businesses in an exciting range of areas.