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Solution by business issue

Development Lead Time Reduction

Streamline the design / Productivity Improvement It streamlines the flow of BOM by linking BOM according to various applications.
It improves the maintenance efficiency of BOM
You can quickly search and refer the necessary information from massive and wide variety of information generated in the process of MONOZUKURI.
It implements integrated access to product information scattered across the entire company.
Fast and accurate design changes It prevents operational error and rework during design change
Visualization of development process It visualizes the progress of development project according to the role, and prevents work delay and supports in appropriate decision making.
Strengthening linkage between design and production Strengthening linkage between design and production
It defines BOP between design BOM and production BOM, and links design, production engineering and production control seamlessly.
Concurrent Engineering It shares and utilizes wide variety of information content such as drawings, specifications etc. across the entire company.
It promotes the effective utilization of CAD data at company-wide level through seamless linkage between various CAD and PLM.
Strategic utilization of BOM It streamlines the design of multi-products and multi-specifications derived models And production BOM expansion.

Strengthening of product competitiveness

Development of the new products that can be sold globally It provides the support to product planning that incorporates the needs of emerging markets and VOC (Voice of Customer)
It promotes the standardization of parts & units and modular design
Throughput improvement with utilization of IoT It improves the company-wide productivity by integrated management of standard information (BOM/BOP) of Global MONOZUKURI and by operating a PDCA cycle with utilization of IoT data
Customer Satisfaction improvement It strengthens the sales and product planning capabilities by linking PLM, SFA and CRM.

Quality Improvement

Preventing the recurrence of defects It prevents recurrence of defects and improves quality with integration of defect and engineering information
Conversion to explicit knowledge and skill transfer It implements the early start-up of young manufacturing engineers by accumulating and sharing manufacturing knowledge.
Securing Traceability It can trace the range of impact including parts, processes and facilities, at the time of engineering change and occurrence of defects.
Front Loading It prevents operational error and re-work related to engineering change.
It visualizes the relationship between customer requirements, specifications, functions and configurations to improve the engineering quality.
Sharing engineering deliverables Required information can be accessed quickly, reliably and safely by the required user.

Cost Reduction

Reduction in product cost It supports the cost reduction and making decisions to reduce the cost from the initial phase of development with the visualization of cost throughout the product life cycle
It enables the selection of the optimal recommended and standard parts from the engineering phase
Reduction in development cost and fixed cost It promotes the utilization of external resources by sharing technical information with external business partners safely, promptly and securely.
It supports the proper allocation of resources and elimination of development delays with visualization of product development process.
It standardizes the facilities by promoting the product design with considering facilities and manufacturing processes

Strengthening Compliance

Strengthening Security It prevents confidential data such as drawing and recipe from getting leaked outside the company.

Development division of labor between overseas

Establishment of engineering site in overseas It distributes and arranges the contents optimally in consideration of response and security.
It provides secure distributed engineering environment by preventing the technical information from being taken out.
Flexible development and manufacturing site It shares technical assets and development resources across the business operation.
It implements manufacturing map free environment in response to demand fluctuations and unforeseen circumstances.
Process information management solution (BOP Management)
It makes the quality of MONOZUKURI homogeneous with global integration of
Promotion of horizontal division of labor type MONOZUKURI It implements safe, fast and reliable sharing of product technical information with domestic and overseas business partners.