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Cost Management Solution

It visualizes the transition of cost that changes in each product lifecycle by utilizing an integrated BOM.

Cost management solution integrates and manages cost for each phase of the product life cycle such as planning, DR, engineering, manufacturing etc, and visualizes the transition of cost, by utilizing an integrated BOM.

It supports the consideration in management such as determining the termination of development, profitability analysis and next investment by understanding the income and expenditure for each product and each model with visualization of cost in diversified manner.

Furthermore, it can implement precise cost integration required to create cost reduction strategy, since it can also manage indirect cost information such as machining cost, mold cost and facility cost and arbitrary cost information such as parts suppliers, manufacturing sites and exchange rates in addition to accumulation of material cost.

It implements quick decision making by visualizing the information required to develop cost-reduction strategy and cost conscious product design from the development phase.

Figure:Cost Management Solution

Main Functions

  • Cost Information Management: Manages arbitrary cost information in addition to parts and configuration etc
  • Integrated Cost System´╝Ü Various cost accumulation, History management of the result of cost estimation etc
  • Cost Simulation: Visualization of cost that changes in each product life cycle etc
  • Supplier Information: Supplier information management, Multi-Company purchase management etc