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Engineering Change Management Solution

It manages design change information and related information together as a set to implement reliable and fast design change workflow.

The design change management solution links the relevant information to design change orders to support the accurate and speedy implementation of design change workflow such as parallel review, approval, and notification (deliver and receipt) etc.

Related information can be referred easily and quickly without any omission, since related product and parts difference information, documents etc can be managed as a set in design change information.

Furthermore, Changes in parts structure can be reflected efficiently to the production system with integrated BOM such as by applying the difference in configuration of design BOM to the downstream production BOM.

By implementing reliable and speedy design changes while aligning with internal and external partners, it supports in minimizing the losses due to design changes and promoting the cost down for smooth production and after mass production. You can realize the smooth collaboration with partners which are indispensable for distributed development, optimal production along with globalization.

Figure:Engineering Change Management Solution

Main Functions

  • Engineering change request management: Attributes information management of Engineering Change Request(ECR)
  • Engineering change order management: Engineering Change Order(ECO)State Management (In-process, Waiting for approval, Official edition released), etc
  • Engineering workflow management: Implementation, Confirmation, Distribution record with ECO and Email notification, etc
  • Document management linkage: Link and manage the documents such as ECO and design change notification