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3D CAD data management and linkage solution

Effective utilization of upstream data by linking various CAD and PLM.

It promotes seamless information linkage and company-wide utilization of upstream data by linking various CAD (3D CAD, 2D CAD, electrical CAD, etc.) with PLM

For various CAD data, PDM manages the in-process data for each CAD, and company-wide PLM "Obbligato" manages the viewer data and BOM information that should be shared company-wide. By separating and linking CAD data management and PLM, both individual and overall optimization are achieved. It also supports in reducing the development lead time by improving the efficiency of design work and promoting the use of 3D data company-wide.

Main Functions

  • 3DCAD PDM Linkage: Link and manage CAD location information, structure information and data for display from PDM
  • 3DCAD Management: Direct management of 3DCAD, reference data and structure information
  • 3D Similar profile search: Search similar profile from 3DCAD data group
  • 2DCAD Linkage: Import structure information, Automatic generation of preview data, etc

Concept of 3D CAD data management and Linkage

The data under designing process is managed by PDM which has high affinity with CAD and the official data is managed by PLM (Obbligato), which is shared across the company

PLM does not manage all work-in-process CAD data, and PDM and PLM for CAD data management are separated and linked to achieve both individual and overall optimization. As a result, there is no need to update the PLM system every time with the frequent version upgrade of 3D CAD.