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Variation design solution

Efficient design of derived models with various specifications and expansion of production BOM.

The variation design solution streamlines the BOM creation and maintenance work for multi-products and multi-specifications by managing the multiple similar product configurations in a single configuration, and product-related information in the centralized manner.

Since derived models (structures) according to different destination, production site, specifications, etc., are consolidated into one BOM; therefore, common parts can be changed and arranged efficiently.

Furthermore, multiple similar product configurations can be displayed in matrix format for visual comparison of common and differing parts.

Various business functions specialized for variation design implement efficient derivative model design and production BOM expansion.

Figure:Variation design solution

Main Functions

  • Matrix BOM: visual display of structure difference and common structure in matrix format.
  • Product Management: Management of product model group, etc
  • Option Management: Manages differences in destination and specification as option.
  • Configurator: Links with configurator that manages product specification and optional condition