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Project Management Solution

It enables fast decision making and avoid development risk with visualization of product development process.

The project management solution structures the task (work) to support optimal scheduling and manages the project information including progress, resource, revenue and knowledge in centralized manner.

It promotes standardization and reduces omissions in created documents, reference rules and check items by structuring tasks and integrated management of related parts, documents, and check items.

Furthermore, you can display the delay alarm with respect to each project task, and also determine the progress status of task visually and intuitively.

Project information can be visualized on optimal screen according to management level and can also be utilized strategically.

By visualization of project information according to management level, it prevents the loss opportunities due to delay in development and supports the management in making quick decisions with respect to multiple projects, project manager for optimal scheduling and understanding progress, workload adjustment, person in charge for on time delivery by reminder email.

Figure:Project Management Solution

Main Functions

  • Project Plan: Structuring phase and task, editing Gantt chart, etc
  • Task Management: Definition of dependency between task, delay alert display, etc
  • Progress and Performance Management: Registration of actual result, Gantt chart display, etc
  • Resource Management: Workload status of manpower and facility, etc