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Parts management solution

It constructs the part information database with a high degree of freshness, and reduces material cost and shorten development lead time.

The parts management solution divides parts information into categories and integrates, and manages them by connecting with documents such as catalog information, specifications and supplier information.

By building a parts information database with a high degree of freshness, you can select the parts and suppliers flexibly with considering the cost, quality, environment and ease of purchasing parts from the upstream engineering phase. Furthermore, automatic numbering of parts and set-up of standard parts and alternative parts are also possible.

Product cost can be reduced significantly, rework of development can also be prevented and lead time can also be shortened, since it is possible to select materials considering the procurement aspect from the upstream engineering phase. Furthermore, by sharing parts information, parts can be standardized and further cost reduction can be targeted.

Figure:Parts management solution

Main Functions

  • Part specification management: Definition of parts classification in tree format, individual attribute definition for each classification, etc.
  • Standard parts management: Management of standard recommended parts and substitute parts
  • Parts numbering management: Parts numbering function by numbering system management for each category.
  • Related information management: Related documents, Parts history, Parts cost, Parts image, etc.