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Document Management Solution

It manages the wide variety of data in centralized manner throughout the product life cycle to implement safe and fast information utilization.

The document management solution manages the documents such as large number of drawings, specifications in centralized manner, generated during the process of product development.

Systematic management of all documents throughout the product life cycle makes easier for everyone to search and reuse the required information.

Furthermore, efficiency of release of drawings and delivery of drawings and management work for compliance with various laws and regulations such as ISO can be streamlined.

Various users such as external partners can refer, however access rights can be set in detail according to security policy of the company.

Centralized management of document provides the environment where required people can utilize the appropriate documents quickly and safely, and supports in the reduction of lead time of document preparation and its quality improvement.

Figure:Document Management Solution

Main Functions

  • Centralized Management: Centralized management of various data (files) such as drawing, specifications, approval work flow, etc
  • Search Function: Full Text Search, Arbitrary attribute search, etc
  • Access Control: Set access rights to each operation by the document category, attributes user and organizations, etc