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ERP Linkage Solution

It implements seamless linkage between design and production based on integrated BOM.

As a base of Integrated BOM, the ERP linkage solution ensures the speedy communication and consistency from design to production and implements effective utilization of production information in upstream stage of design.

Advance BOM related business functions enable PLM to manage the production BOM for entry into the production system.

Furthermore, it will speed up the engineering change application and reduce application errors since the engineering changes in design BOM can be automatically reflected in the production BOM.

Furthermore, product development in consideration of low cost and short delivery period from the upstream design stage can be implemented by receiving the information required for selection of parts from ERP such as such as cost of parts and availability of parts etc.

You can implement speedy and reliable information communication and eliminate bottleneck process by seamless linkage from design to production.

Figure:ERP Linkage Solution

Main Functions

  • Application wise BOM: Management of application wise BOM such as design BOM, production BOM
  • Data transmission to ERP: Transmission of structure information
  • Receiving data from ERP: Receiving parts information
  • Document Linkage: Manage structure information and related documents