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Product Configuration Management Solution

It streamlines and standardizes the design work and reduces lead time by centralized management.

BOM* is the master data of a product consisting of parts item information and structure information, and ""information essential for MONOZUKURI"" that represents what kind of parts and materials are configured in the product. Particularly in the manufacturing industry in recent years, with the diversification of customer specifications and shortening of product life cycle, the importance of BOM has increased for individual orders and also for mass-production manufacturers. Utilization of BOM such as how to realize product specifications (Spec) with BOM, how to make BOM efficiently and increase reuse rate, how to connect design BOM to downstream processes and utilize it etc, has a large impact on early market launch and quality of the product and that may affect the profit of the company.

The product configuration management solution is a solution that integrates and manages BOM and related product information.

Since BOM related information such as drawings, design change information, cost information, chemical substance etc. can be referred immediately, therefore time required for searching related information and omissions can be reduced. Furthermore, it is equipped with plenty of detailed service functions such as BOM visual editing function in excel like, display for highlighting structure differences, search from structure search results, which has gained high praise from Japanese designers who are particular about BOM.

The operability is high, and the rich business functions streamlines the customer's design work. Furthermore, by reducing the time-consuming BOM maintenance work, you will launch the product into the market in the early stage, launch and improve quality.

Image:Product Configuration Management Solution

Main Functions

  • Product Configuration Management: Single BOM Management such as design BOM, Structure explosion, Impact analysis, etc
  • BOM editor: Excel like operability, Dedicated editor for editing BOM visually, etc
  • Documents Linkage: Display the related documents or contents, etc
  • Related Information Management: Management and display of various information related to parts