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Data Loss Prevention Solution

To prevent taking confidential data on the shared server out outside of the client
Implementation of measures to prevent leakage of confidential information accumulated in your company

Are you worried about how to reduce the risk of leakage as sharing of confidential information on global level has been accelerating?

The most important and confidential information for companies and organizations are being managed on servers and digitalized data has the risk of getting leaked outside the company through various routes. Furthermore, distributed development with overseas bases has become indispensable in the manufacturing industry in recent years, but to prevent the risk of leakage or theft of technical information which are intellectual property such as drawings, specifications, and recipes etc has become major obstacle. There is no end to the accident pertaining to leakage of technologies by retirees of China and Korea, due to withdrawal of technological capabilities of Japan. Companies are required to prevent in-house confidential information of the organization from leaking outside the company and to realize safe collaborative development system with overseas base.

Let's start with measures to prevent the risk of leakage now

Shutout the data take-out operations that causes information leakage

Prevents all data take-out operations that causes leakage of internal data, such as copying to media and printing, and email attachment etc. Confidential data cannot be taken out of the terminal, even if users have rights to access, refer and edit it on their client. However, non-confidential data such as office documents can be printed and copied as it is, and only confidential data on a confidential server can be restricted to take out.

Shutout the data take-out operations that causes information leakage

Reason for Selection

Speedy security enhancement with minimal additional investment

  • Existing server environment(File Server and Existing IT System)is made confidential to prevent leakage of confidential information.
  • File server can be classified into confidential and non-confidential for each shared folder.
  • Drawing management system or HR system that handles personnel information in addition to file server is made as confidential server and measures to prevent data leakage from the inside of the company can be implemented easily and at low cost.
  • Measures to prevent leakage of in-house design data stored in SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional such as models, drawings and specifications are implemented.

※SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional : Data Management System of 3D CAD tool ”SOLIDWORKS”

Smooth global deployment without using encryption technology

  • New technology patented by NEC is used instead of commonly used encryption technology
  • Data leakage operation is prevented by controlling various communication of application system (process)
  • Can be deployed smoothly even in the countries with encryption regulations like China. No need for troublesome application procedures
  • Data leakage prevention is implemented regardless of type of application system
  • There is no trouble to break CAD file configuration because encryption technology is not used.

Ensuring the convenience of handling non-confidential and confidential data simultaneously

  • Non-confidential data can be copied and printed as usual.
  • Taking out of only confidential data can be prohibited.
  • Non-confidential and Confidential data can be operated simultaneously. However, Confidential cannot be copied and pasted to non-confidential data.

Data Leakage Prevention can be implemented as per user

  • Multiple policies for data leakage prevention are prepared, and configure it by each user.
  • Policy controls as per user, not as per data.
  • Confidential data cannot be taken out of the terminal, however, it can be taken out by the specific user who is authorized to take-out in relation to the business operation in which take-out operation is required.

Can be extended to PLM system in future

  • External leakage measures of confidential data which is urgent and critical issue can be implemented speedily.
  • Can be developed step by step into PLM system like BOM management and project management by adding options.