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Integrated BOM(Integrated BOM)Solution

It integrates and manages the BOM that changes in various ways as application wise BOM and rectifies the BOM.

BOM gets changed according to each phase of the product life cycle, such as planning, design, production, and procurement etc. The integrated BOM solution links application wise BOM that changes in various ways and integrates and manages them throughout the product life cycle.

It integrates application wise BOM and reduces the error at the time of new design and at the time of applying design changes by managing the relationship between each BOM.

Furthermore, you can work with visual operability at the time of creating design BOM and also at the time of creating production BOM by using BOM management function which is equipped with detailed BOM related service functions and convenient functions.

Furthermore, Utilization method and linkage method of BOM can also be arranged flexibly in the form of production such as individual orders and planned mass production etc.

It does not only streamline the flow of BOM but also reduces the time loss and communication error occurred due to division of engineering chain, by linking with other systems. You can launch the market competitive products in the early stage of the market by having awareness about cost and inventory from upstream stages.

Image:Integrated BOM(Integrated BOM)Solution

Main Functions

  • Application wise BOM Management: Set up of application wise BOM arbitrarily such as Design BOM、Production BOM
  • Management between BOM: BOM generation for downstream processes, Management between type of BOMs, etc
  • Documents Linkage: Management in relation to configuration information and document
  • Other system linkage: CAD Linkage(2D CAD, 3D CAD and Electric CAD), Linkage between production and sales system, etc